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Album list by band

19?? University Of Florida Songs (Fidelity Sound Service FL-103/FL-104 78rpm)
A1-Alma Mater
A2-Go Gators Yell
B3-Suwannee Fanfare/Dixie
B4-Way Down Upon The Suwannee River
C5-Orange And Blue
C6-Let's Win This Game
D7-We Are The Boys From Old Florida
D8-Gator Fight Song
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19?? Florida's Favorites (EO-QB-13287 - EO-QB-13294 78rpm)
A1-Alma Mater
B8-Dixie - Medley
C2-Swanee River
D7-Fillmore March Medley
E3-We Are The Boys From Old Florida
F6-Medley: Cheer For Florida/Let's Win This Game
G4-Orange And Blue
H5-Medley: Go Gators/March Of Fighting Gators/Gator Fight Song
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1961 Echoes From Florida Field (TV69327 33.3rpm)
A1-Orange And Blue
A3-Southern Special
A4-We Are The Boys From Old Florida
A5-Alma Mater
A6-Swanee River March
B1-Gator Fight Song
B2-We're Men Of Florida
B3-We Are The Boys From Old Florida (vocal)
B4-Blue Heights
B5-Orange And Blue (band and vocal)
B6-Dance Of The Tumblers
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1962 Hail Florida Hail (Century Record Company V14229 33.3rpm)
A1-The Orange And Blue
A3-O Filii Et Filiae
A4-Psalm 137
A5-Salvation Belongeth To Our God
A6-Viva Tutti
A8-Little Innocent Lamb
A8-The Turtle Dove
B1-Brothers Sing On
B2-Geographical Fugue
B3-Oh Po' Little Jesus
B4-Old Man Noah
B6-Pirate Song
B7-Marching To Pretoria
B8-Aura Lee/The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy
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1963 Hail Florida Hail (Century Record Company 16221 33.3rpm)
A01-The God Of Abraham Praise
A02-Of The Fathers Love Begotton
A03-Glory To God
A04-Song Of Peace
A05-The Gate Of Heaven
A06-Mass In B Flat; Kyrie Eleison; Gloria
B01-When Good Men Sing
B02-Fain Would I Change That Note
B03-Little Innocent Lamb
B04-Sam Was A Man
B05-Jimmie's Got A Goil
B06-The Ox-Driving Song
B07-Something's Coming
B09-Ride The Chariot
B10-Alma Mater
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196? Eighteenth Annual Jazz Concert (Century Records 32125 33.3rpm)
A2-Polka Dots And Moonbeams.flac
A3-Cap's Blues.flac
A5-It Ain't Necessarily So.flac
B2-Days Of Wine And Roses.flac
B3-Theme And Variations In Jazz.flac
covers and labels

1969 All South Band Clinic (Century Records 33328 33.3rpm)
A1-Fanfare - Montenegro
A2-Big Swing Face
A3-Ballade For Jazz Trumpet
A4-There'll Never Be Another You
A5-Reggie Of Chester
A6-Emancipation Blues
B1-Norwegian Wood
B2-King Of The Road
B3-Blue Fog
B6-Sabre Dance
C1-Concerto For Timpani And Orchestra
C2-Theme From The Texan
C3-Jazz Suite - Henry Wolking
C5-The Beat Goes On
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1972 Dedication '72 (United Sound USR-4002 33.3rpm)
A1-Der Getreue Musikmeister.flac
A2-Carnival Of The Animals_The Swan.flac
A3-Sonata For Bassoon And Piano.flac
A4-The Fall Of The Leafe.flac
B1-Divertimento For Nine Instrumennts.flac
B2-Variations On A Theme By Haydn.flac
B4-Canson Dans La Nuit.flac
B5-Kleine Kammermusic, Opus 24, No 2.flac
B6-Quartet, Opus 44, No 2.flac
covers and labels

1972 13th Annual Gatorland Music Clinic (Mark Records MC-6814 33.3rpm)
A1-Irish Rhapsody.flac
A2-Festival Prelude.flac
A3-Symphonic Songs For Band_III Celebration.flac
A4-Henderson Festival.flac
B1-Rest Of Your Life.flac
B2-Apple Strudel And Cheese.flac
B3-Finlandia Op 26 No 7.flac
B4-Suite For Percussion.flac
B5-Romance Op 24 No 9 In Db.flac
covers and labels

1973 Jazz Lab 73 (Mark Records WD-1106 33.3rpm)
A3-Salina Came Home.flac
B1-Country Road.flac
B2-I Remember Clifford.flac
covers and labels

1975 Hansen's Jazz Ensemble Sampler (Charles Hansen CHHA111574A 33.3rpm)
A1-Count 'Em.flac
A2-Winds Of Change.flac
A3-The Entertainer.flac
A4-Eres Tu_Touch The Wind.flac
A5-Band On The Run.flac
A6-King Porter Stomp.flac
A7-Take Five.flac
B1-Jones Bones.flac
B2-Cool And Caressing.flac
B3-Satin Doll.flac
B5-Mercy Mercy Mercy.flac
B6-(I've Been) Searchin' So Long.flac
covers and labels

1976 University Of Florida Gator Band 1975-1976 (Crest Records UFB81876 33.3rpm)
A01-Go Gators
A02-Orange And Blue
A03-Men Of Florida
A05-Campus Chimes
A06-Alma Mater
A07-We Are The Boys From Old Florida
A08-Old Folks At Home
A09-Variations On A Patriotic Theme
A10-National Emblem March
A11-National Anthem
B01-British Eighth
B02-Festive Overture
B03-Solid Men To The Front March
B04-A Tribute To Stephen Foster
covers and labels

1980 The Pride Of The Sunshine (Silver Crest UF-11681 33.3rpm)
A1-Carnivalito (drum cadence).flac
A2-In The Stone.flac
A4-Theme From Ice Castles.flac
A6-Open Wide.flac
A7-Carry On Wayward Son.flac
B1-New Country (drum solo).flac
B2-Let It Be Me.flac
B3-Spanish Dreams.flac
B4-Xanadu Medley.flac
B5-Folk Song Medley.flac
B6-She Believe In Me.flac
covers and labels

1980 The Compositions Of Morton Gould (Golden Crest Records ATH-5067 33.3rpm)
A1-Fanfare For Freedom.flac
A2-Symphony For Band.flac
B1-Cheers (Celebration March).flac
B2-American Ballads_Memorials (Taps).flac
B3-Amercian Ballads_Saratoga Quick Step (The Girl I Left Behind Me).flac
B4-American Ballads_Hymnal (We Shall Overcome).flac
covers and labels

1981 University Of Florida Jazz Band (Crest Records UFJ-31281 33.3rpm)
A1-Take The A Train
A2-Walkin' Home
A3-Love Beams
A4-Los Hermanos De Bop
A5-The Queen's Bishop
B1-Song Suite (Part 3)
B2-I Can't Get Started
B4-Fire Dance
covers and labels

1982 Just Friends (Mark Records MC20246 33.3rpm)
A1-Sunrise Lady.flac
A2-Looking Back.flac
A4-Wine And Stein's Fine.flac
A5-Besame Mucho.flac
B1-Just Friends.flac
B2-Groovin' Hard.flac
B3-The More I See You.flac
B4-The Groove Merchant.flac
covers and labels

1983 Live! 1982-'83 (Mark Records MC20391 33.3rpm)
A1-Supreme Command.flac
A2-Prelude To Comedy.flac
A3-Century Tower.flac
B1-Yes Or No.flac
B2-Stevie's Wonders.flac
B3-John Brown's Other Body.flac
covers and labels

1983 Versicolor (Mark Records MCJS-20388 33.3rpm)
A1-Everybody's Boppin'.flac
A3-Autumn Leaves.flac
A5-If You Could See Me Now.flac
B1-Small Fry.flac
B2-Spring Fever Raga.flac
B3-All The Things You Are.flac
B4-On A Clear Day.flac
B5-Alice In Wonderland.flac
covers and labels

1984 Strike Up The Band (Mark Records MCJS-20503 33.3rpm)
A1-Strike Up The Band.flac
A2-God Bless The Child.flac
A3-Overture To The Royal Mongolian Suma Foosball Festival.flac
A4-Easy To Love.flac
B1-Sweet Georgia Brown.flac
B3-A Time For Love.flac
B4-Ya Gotta Try.flac
covers and labels

1985 Highlights Of 1984-1985 (Mark Records MC-20553 33.3rpm)
A1-Dawg Grass (percussion feature).flac
A2-Symphony No 3 Finale.flac
A3-Rocky Point Holiday.flac
A7-Let's Hear It For The Boy.flac
B1-Bing Bing (percussion feature).flac
B2-Olympic Fanfare_The Right Stuff.flac
B3-Crown Imperial.flac
B4-Huey Lewis Medley.flac
B6-Fanfare Carnival Overture.flac
B7-All Night Long.flac
B8-Party Animal.flac
B9-Jump For My Love.flac
covers and labels

Sheet Music

Loose Sheets
1925-P01 The Orange And Blue
1925-P02 The Orange And Blue
1925-P03 The Orange And Blue
1931-P01 March Of The Fighting Gators
1931-P02 March Of The Fighting Gators
1935-P01 The Orange And Blue
1935-P02 The Orange And Blue

University Of Florida Songs (194?)
P02-The Orange And Blue
P03-The Orange And Blue
P04-Cheer For Florida
P05-Cheer For Florida
P06-March Of The Fighting Gators
P07-March Of The Fighting Gators
P08-Hail Florida
P09-Hail Florida
P10-The Gator Song
P11-We Are The Boys From Old Florida
P12-Swanee River


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